Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Followers in Fellowship?

Followers in Fellowship, Inc. ("FIF") is a charitable organization that qualifies for tax-exempt status under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).  FIF was formed for the primary purpose of preserving and advancing Christian education in the United States through support of Christian education groups and programs.  FIF's headquarters is located in North Carolina and the organization operates through a chapter network in which the chapters are located in geographic hubs throughout the United States as needed.  The Manager of each chapter oversees the operations of the chapter.  Each chapter may recruit Chapter Members and Associate Members to promote an educational program or activity supported by FIF. 

2. Does FIF have to pay income taxes?

No, FIF is an IRC § 501(c)(3) organization and exempt from Federal Income Taxes.   

3. Are the chapter entities (FIF LLCs) also tax exempt?

Yes.  The chapter entities are formed as non-profit LLCs that are wholly (100%) owned by FIF.  IRS Bulletin 1999-43 allows the chapters to be treated as a branch or division of FIF, and thus take on the same tax-exempt, non-profit status.

4. How much does a membership in FIF cost?  

  • Chapter Member - $350 per year
  • Associate Member - $50 per year
    • Up to 6 Associate Members are allowed per Chapter Member
    • The Associate Member must have a common purpose or task with the Chapter Member (i.e., same education group or education project)o Must be approved by a Chapter Member and the Chapter Manager 

5. What are the services that FIF provides?

FIF’s efforts are focused upon providing resources, such as Christian curricula, Christian education materials, seminars for parents of children engaged in Christian education, instructional aids, and Christian advocacy information.  It will also help facilitate meeting spaces and athletic fields for its members.  The key focus areas are determined by the local chapter needs. 

6. How can FIF help with meeting spaces and athletic fields for its members?

FIF can help a Christian education group by leasing facility space that the group finds if the space is suitable for the group's educational program.  FIF depends on its member groups to make the initial selection and contact with the facility to determine that the facility is adequate, that scheduling is mutually agreeable, and fees to be charged for a group’s use are agreeable to FIF and the public building. It is recommended that the facility provide the lease agreement to be signed by the FIF Chapter. If fees are required for the space/fields, FIF will charge the Members an appropriate fee and then make the necessary payments to for the space/fields.

7. Does FIF have liability insurance?

Yes.  FIF has a commercial general liability policy that insures it against a lawsuit or claims. The policy covers the activities of both FIF and its chapters.

8. Does FIF require its local education group members to have liability insurance?

Yes.  Chapter Members and Associate Members must have their own general liability insurance policy covering their education group or activity (such as a home school group) with a minimum liability amount of $1 million. FIF and the FIF Chapter must be added to the Chapter and Associate Member’s policy as an additional insured. 

9. Can FIF do business in every state?

FIF is a national organization and registers in those states in which it is required to in order to do business.

10. Must an education group qualify for tax-exempt status under IRC § 501(c)(3) to join FIF?


11. Does an education  group have to be faith-based in order to join FIF?

Yes. Chapter Members who lead education groups are required to sign the FIF statement of faith as part of the application process.

12. When are membership fees due to FIF.

Membership fees must be paid upon application acceptance.

13. What are the requirements for an educational group to join FIF?

  • The leader(s) of the education group must join an FIF chapter as a Chapter Member.
  • Chapter Members and Associate Members must maintain a $1M liability insurance policy covering the operations of their education group and name FIF as an additional insured. 
  • Chapter Members and Associate Members must agree to the FIF statement of faith.
  • Chapter Members and Associate Members must agree to act in accordance with the Chapter’s Operating Agreement, which sets forth the terms governing chapter operations.